Negotiator Crisis Management

How does Negotiator® protect your group?

Negotiator® Crisis Management services cover many types of personal security situations while your group is traveling. Insured Events are crisis events* and could include:

  • hijacking
  • disappearance
  • child abduction
  • bombing
  • civil commotion
  • act of terrorism
  • natural disaster
  • violent crime or malicious attack
  • wrongful detention
  • kidnapping
  • blackmail, or extortion
  • political threat to include upheaval from war, riot, rebellion, revolution, and invasion

*A crisis event is any unstable and dangerous situation resulting from an unforeseen insured event, which has directly caused or has the potential to cause serious bodily harm or death to an insured person, with little to no warning.

Who can Buy Negotiator®?

To purchase Negotiator® your group must be traveling outside your home country, which is the place where your group has their true, fixed and permanent and principal establishment.

How Long Is Our Group Covered?

Your group may buy a plan for up to 180 days. Pricing varies based on your group's travel destination and the length of time traveled.

Security Exchange Crisis Response Consultant$250,000

We pay reasonable and necessary fees and expenses incurred directly and solely in the management of a potential, actual, or threatened crisis event. We cover any one crisis event which first starts during your group's period of insurance. The maximum period of time that Security Exchange will provide crisis response consultant services is 30 days for each insured event.

 Extra Expenses$50,000

These are expenses pre-approved by Security Exchange and incurred by your group directly and solely as the result of the management of a potential, actual or threatened crisis event. We cover any one crisis event which first starts during your group's period of insurance.

Extra Expenses include:

  • emergency evacuation costs
  • relocation travel and accommodation
  • independent interpreter fees and expenses
  • development of a search protocol
  • deployment of temporary security manager/coordinator or close escort resource

With Crisis Management, there is no reimbursement for any ransom your group may pay related to a kidnapping.