Group Participant Accident

Who is it for?

This policy is intended to provide protection for players, managers, coaches, administrators and officials during tournaments, games, practices, and team travel, and where there is no requirement from the arena or facility to maintain or obtain a Commercial General Liability Policy.


Why is this coverage right for me and for my Team or League?

No shadow of worry should ever spoil a beautiful day on the field, so we have developed a comprehensive coverage package to protect everyone, every day at every game and every practice throughout the entire season (from the date of the first practice to the date seas

We offer higher limits than traditional insurers can provide, and our expertise allows us to provide a range of innovative solutions to even the most high risk occupations.


Options include a lump sum benefit as a result of:

• Accidental Death

• Loss of or loss of use of limbs

• Brain death

• Loss of faculties (hearing, eyesight)



• Group Basic, Optional and Business Travel

• Occupational and Non-Occupational

• War Risk – included or stand-alone

• Owned/leased and non-scheduled aircrafts

• Hazardous Activities

• Individual

• Short term

• Known Accumulations

• Pilot/Crew members

• And more

Additional Benefits

• Surgical Reattachment

• Permanent Total Disability

• Repatriation Expenses

• Identification Expenses

• Rehabilitation Expenses

• Spousal Retraining Expenses

• Rehabilitative Therapy Expenses

• Waiver of Premium

• Hospital Confinement Income


• Psychological Therapy Expenses

• Burn

• Home Alteration and Vehicle Modifications Expenses

• Workplace Accommodation and Alteration Expenses

• Educational Expenses

• Day Care Expenses

• Coma

• Funeral Expenses

• Bereavement Expenses

• Family Transportation Expenses

• Parental Care

• Conversion

• Seat Belt

• And more